Welcome to CORFA’s digest of free and low-cost webinars designed to help you build a strong nonprofit and Friends organization. We generally update the list weekly. If you have a webinar you’d like added, send us a note through our Contact page. Most listings are free unless specifically noted.

JUNE 2021

Designing Equity-Centered Organizational Values
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Organizational values guide the ways in which organizations commit to showing up in the world. We currently find ourselves in the middle of a movement that calls on us to consider the meaninglessness of words that aren’t underpinned by commitment and accountability. This forces us to recognize the ways in which our values can’t operate outside of history but rather are informed by it. This webinar is for organizations considering what it might look, feel, and sound like to intentionally create or reimagine a values statement through an Equity lens—that is, a lens that invokes history and confronts notions of power and action.  

Practices for Healthy Board Governance
June 16, 12:00PM

Clear expectations are the foundation for healthy board meetings. Rather than focusing on eliminating problem people or wishing conflict away, a better solution is to use a set of practices for how the board will collectively create a healthy space for productive governance to take place. In this webinar we will explore four practices for healthy nonprofit board governance: recruiting and on-ramping, board structures, accountability (including board norms) and board development planning. 

Designing Virtual Opportunities, Managing Remote Volunteers
June 16, 2:00PM

Designing meaningful, mission-driven virtual volunteer opportunities, and managing remote volunteers can be challenging. The good news is that now, with an ever growing set of online tools, building an online community and connecting with someone across miles (or continents) is easier. 

During the  webinar, you will learn: 

  • The different challenges around managing remote volunteers.
  • How to create a clear communication plan to engage and include remote volunteers. 
  • Keys to successfully engaging and supervising remote volunteers using online tools.

Storytelling for Difficult Subjects
June 16, 11:00AM

Learn creative ways to cover sensitive subject matters. Tell stories that resonate with donors without putting clients at risk. Also, get tips on gathering the stories and gaining permission.

Clover Frederick is a consultant specializing in nonprofit fundraising, marketing, board development and strategic planning. In her spare time, she loves to do yoga, learn to be cool from her teenage daughters, travel with her husband and let her black lab take her on long walks.

Delivering Extraordinary Fundraising in Extraordinary Times
June 16, 2:00 PM

Getting attention—this is the challenge of this new era in fundraising that requires innovation, creativity, and imagination. In this idea-packed and entertaining webinar, you’ll discover how you can bring a new way of thinking about fundraising through technology, the (behavioral) science of giving, and bold messaging. Through this evolved way of understanding fundraising, nonprofits can ensure the loyalty of their donors and find professional inspiration to do their work. 

How to Engage Sponsors in the Hybrid Virtual World
June 16, 1:30 PM

Many nonprofits have hosted hybrid events (both in-person and virtual) this year because of the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. As nonprofits consider offering innovative sponsorship opportunities in this hybrid model, understanding your organization’s unrelated business income tax (UBIT) obligations is of the utmost importance. This program will focus on how tax-exempt organizations can avoid UBIT as they adapt to new ways of engaging sponsors. 

Please join Venable’s nationally recognized Nonprofit Organizations practice as we examine the sponsorship and convention and trade show UBIT exceptions and offer tips on how to maximize your tax-free revenue potential.

Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies 
June 17, 2:00PM 

Interviewing each prospective volunteer can seem overwhelming, but it’s one of the best ways to ensure that the volunteers you recruit are the volunteers you need. This webinar introduces a variety of question types used in volunteer interviews and offers strategies for honing your interview skills. Materials will be provided to help you implement this process in your organization, as well as a training syllabus so you can learn how to recruit and train a volunteer staff to assist with prospective volunteer interviews.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Methods for interviewing prospective volunteers
  • Strategies for honing your interview skills

Beyond the Ballroom: A Shift to Virtual Fundraising Events
June 17, 1:00PM

Amid the cancellations and rescheduling of events during COVID-19, fundraising teams were faced with the challenge of reimagining how nonprofits fundraise during a global pandemic. At this free webinar, we’ll present a case study that will demonstrate how creative minds and pie-in-the-sky ideas helped reimagine a long-standing gala into a virtual fundraising event that maintains, if not exceeds, expectations and fundraising targets.

You’ll leave this webinar with a thorough understanding of:

  • The need for simultaneous planning (virtual and hybrid/in person)
  • Why you need a comprehensive covid response plan
  • The importance event landing pages

The Complete Board Handbook
June 18, 2:30pm ET

Part of The Board Doctor’s series of Free Governance Webinars, the event will focus on compiling your board’s policy manual. Come hear me make the case for how LIBERATING a robust set of board policies can be!

All About Logos
June 22, 1:00PM

Logos play a central role in your visual identity. They serve as the hook to help your audience recognize and remember you. But they don’t always create the impact they should. 

Maybe you have multiple logos for your organization’s different programs and initiatives—and struggle to make them work together. 

Perhaps you only have one logo—and you’re missing out on the potential to raise the profile of your hallmark program, event, campaign, fund, or special anniversary year. 

Or it could be time for a new logo, but communicating with your designer is a challenge. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What makes a good logo
  • Opportunities for using logos throughout your organization
  • How to create a hierarchy among multiple logos
  • How to develop a creative brief to communicate your ideas to a designer

Social Media 102
June 22, 5:00PM

So you’ve finally adopted social media as a legit way to connect with your target audiences, but now you want to use it to stand out from the crowd. In our Social Media 101 webinar, we covered the Big 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and walked through social media tools. Now it’s time to learn a few advanced social media tips and tricks, elevate your social media presence through micro strategies and activate your advocates.

Join this webinar to learn how to:

  • Use social media to connect with constituents.
  • Monitor conversations to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Get people to advocate on your behalf.
  • Navigate social media advertising and understand when to use it.

How to Maximize Engagement and Tackle Wicked Problems in Your Virtual Meetings
June 23, 1:00PM

With so much of the world moving online and the inability to predict what the future holds, we cannot keep postponing these critical conversations and difficult decisions for the next in-person opportunity. Whether you plan to put these skills to use in your next board meeting, strategic planning retreat, or town hall discussion, we will provide you a step-by-step guide to plan, prepare, and facilitate your next virtual meeting. 

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to invite the right participants to achieve your goals
  • How to prepare everyone (including yourself) for an impactful virtual meeting
  • How to master the basics of virtual facilitation to maximize engagement
  • How to tackle the hard stuff: difficult dialogues and wicked problems

Favorite Free (or cheap) Fundraising Tools
June 24, 1:00PM

Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a fun, fast-paced session where he will highlight the free (or inexpensive) tools that he uses to make fundraising easier and more efficient. Over 15 tools will be discussed and demonstrated ranging from apps to websites to gadgets to books and more. It’s your chance to take a look under the hood and see how Chad works on a daily basis.

How to Recruit, Train, and Motivate Board Members to Fundraise 
June 24, 2:00PM

Do you have board members who are “allergic” to fundraising? Few things are more critical to your nonprofit’s health, success, and sustainability than an effective board of directors. If you are ready to transform your fundraising D-list to an A-list, come learn tips and tools to get board members willing to engage, share their contacts, be connected to your cause, and give of their financial resources and expertise.

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • Tips to recruit and onboard your dream team
  • Tools and templates to manage your board
  • How to create a graceful exit for board members who need to go
  • The do’s and don’ts of getting them to fundraise

Leading From Home: How to Manage a Virtual Team
June 24, 1:00PM

Working from home has become the “new normal” for many organizations, and it has been a challenging adjustment for all departments. Sargent Solutions Inc has been successfully working remotely since 2016, long before the COVID-19 pandemic made its impact. This webinar will be packed with tips and tricks for those making the pivot to remote work, with a special focus on leadership skills and effectively managing a virtual team.

This webinar will strengthen your skills needed to:

  • Manage and track team members’ tasks and workload virtually
  • Keep everyone engaged and motivated
  • Maintain strong communication, interactions, and service

Sponsorship Growth for Your Nonprofit
June 29, 11:00AM

Are you currently utilizing sponsorship as a funding source for your nonprofit organization? Do you hope to launch a sponsorship program but don’t know where to start? Does your current program need a refresh to maximize your results? Learn how to leverage sponsorship and corporate partnerships to benefit the future of your organization.

Walking the Walk: Engage Volunteers in your Volunteer Engagement Program
June 30, 2:00PM

Stop just talking the talk and start walking the walk! Learn how to effectively delegate volunteer engagement and management work to volunteers so you have the opportunity to “think bigger.” We’ll discuss evaluating your program for volunteer engagement, determining how best to deploy volunteers, creating a communication plan, screening and training volunteers to be an important part of your volunteer recruiting, retention and recognition plans.