100 Years of Bird Banding in America
October 20, 7PM ET

Please join the Friends of Patuxent for a webinar providing a special look at the past, present, and future of bird banding in North America to commemorate the Centennial of the Bird Banding Lab (BBL) at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, MD. Former BBL chief, John Tautin, and current acting chief, Antonio Celis-Murillo, will talk about the fascinating history of bird banding from its earliest days through the present, and will give a tantalizing glimpse of what tracking birds will look like in the future. Growing from a simple effort to tag and record certain species of birds, the bird banding program now utilizes a network of more than 6,000 volunteer banders and countless observers who report banded birds from around the world.

This is a free online program presented in cooperation with the National Wildlife Federation, October 20, 2020, at 7 pm.

Friends of Patuxent is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization and welcomes donations (http://friendsofpatuxent.org/donate.html). Please consider Friends of Patuxent as you weigh charitable organizations to support.

October 21,  1PM
CTA nonprofit’s board and the staff need to be collaborative partners to achieve the mission of the organization. However, there are times when roles and responsibilities become blurred. Join us as we clarify where governance stops and management begins.

Events in a Digital Age: How to Maximize Offline Events in an Online World
October 21, 11AM ET

Events like galas, walks and auctions are critical to the fundraising (and friend-raising) strategies for most nonprofits. Want your next one to be a hit? Give it digital legs.

With the vast number of online tools available, you can streamline everything from event registration to email marketing to social media, ensuring you capture your audience right where they are: online.

Join us to learn how to plan your next event with digital in mind from day one, including:

  • The importance of integrating digital into your event.
  • 3 key goals to help you measure success.
  • 5 digital must-haves to keep your event running smoothly.

How to Raise $100,000 or More through a Pivot Campaign
October 21, 11AM PM

The Corona virus has turned fundraising topsy-turvy. Your gala went south. Well-meaning board members advised you to stop fundraising altogether.  And your programs have had to be reinvented. You’ve had to get creative and try new approaches.

In this special event with veteran capital campaign expert Andrea Kihlstedt, you’ll find out how to raise money through a Pivot Campaign, applying principles of capital campaign fundraising to your organization. Andrea will share five powerful campaign lessons you can put to work this fall to raise more money. You’ll learn how the pivot campaign plan worked for organizations that have used the campaign model.  You’ll leave with a practical roadmap to conducting a pivot-campaign for your organization. Don’t miss this lively session with one of our field’s pros.

How to run crowdfunding campaigns for your nonprofit that will generate serious revenue
October 22, 1PM ET

In the wake of COVID-19, cancelled in-person events have left many nonprofit managers struggling to replace lost revenue and create new streams for donations. As our current climate goes more and more virtual, crowdfunding has been on the rise as a great way to safely engage donors into giving and to continue raising funds – no matter what happens with the ongoing pandemic.

Many Canadian charities have already embraced crowdfunding to adapt their fundraising strategies to our new normal. In this webinar, we’ll share their experiences as well as some best practices on how to use crowdfunding to generate serious revenue for your own organization and stay afloat in these unprecedented times.

Here is what you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • What is crowdfunding for charities?
  • How crowdfunding can benefit your organization
  • Types of crowdfunding campaigns for nonprofits (with examples/case studies)
  • Crowdfunding as an instrument both for acquiring new donors and engaging ongoing ones
  • 5 elements of a successful crowdfunding campaign

The Tech Effect: Discover the Simple Solution that 1000s of Organizations Are Using to Grow Membership In Today’s World
October 22, 2PM ET

Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to grow your membership?
In this free 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • All about The Tech Effect, the hidden threat that is making things harder for you to grow
  • 5 proven strategies to address The Tech Effect and attract new members right away
  • How an easy tech solution can save you hours of administrative work every day

Tech Tools for Going Virtual with Your Finance Office
October 22, 2PM ET
Cost $69.00

This webinar, in partnership with Tech Impact, will cover the most popular add-ons and extensions to virtualize and automate financial management functions, such as online bill paying.

  • What’s available?
  • How does it help?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How difficult is it to implement?

We will keep it at a strategic level, focusing on the ROI for these tools and the issues around user adoption, adjusting procedures to preserve separation of duties, and other leadership concerns.

How to Say Thank You and Share Your Success with Supporters
October 22, 1PM ET
Cost: $20.00

Most nonprofits are pretty good at the asking part, but fall short on both thanking their donors as well as reporting the impact of those gifts.

But great communications AFTER the first gift are what leads to the second gift.

Join us this Thursday for a fast-paced $20 webinar and we’ll share:

  • Solutions to common problems with typical thank you letters, like tired openings, vague program descriptions, and depressing language.
  • The five qualities of a great thank you letter and Kivi’s personal test for whether a nonprofit thank you letter works or not.
  • 10 of our favorite progress reporting examples that are easy for you to replicate, including our favorite tools for making that content pop.
  • 30 of our favorite phrases to use when sharing progress and giving your supporters credit for making it all possible. No need to suffer through writer’s block. We got you covered!

We’ll also give you tons of examples that you can remake into your own so you get this right.

5 Powerful Strategies for Your 2021 Annual Fundraising 
October 27, 1PM , EDT

2020 has presented nonprofits, and the world at large, with plenty of challenges and changes. In order to continue reaching new donors and growing your mission into the new year, you’ll need a focused annual giving plan that takes into account the new landscape of fundraising. This webinar will show you five crucial strategies on which to focus your 2021 annual fundraising plan in order to increase giving, expand your database and build long-term loyalty no matter what the future holds. Topics include:

  • How to establish and grow monthly giving programs
  • Incorporating virtual and livestreaming events
  • Increasing your reach through peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Embracing and leveraging days of giving
  • Strategies to expand your email list and database

Making the Case for Volunteering in a COVID-19 World
October 29, 2PM ET

Want to be sure your volunteer efforts continue to thrive, but aren’t sure how during the pandemic?

Over the last 7 months, VolunteerMatch’s industry-leading, cross-sector research has revealed the top challenges nonprofits, individuals, and companies face when thinking about volunteering today.

Join us October 29th for fresh insights and helpful guidance to help you keep moving forward!

You’ll learn more about:

  • The top 5 barriers to volunteering today, based on research performed with over 2000 people across the corporate, nonprofit, and individual volunteering landscape
  • Tips for getting creative with virtual and safely distanced volunteering options during COVID-19
  • A proven methodology to recruit, engage, and retain volunteers during times of uncertainty

Powerful Strategies for Your 2021 Annual Fundraising Plan
October 27, 1PM ET

2020 has presented nonprofits, and the world at large, with plenty of challenges and changes. In order to continue reaching new donors and growing your mission into the new year, you’ll need a focused annual giving plan that takes into account the new landscape of fundraising. This webinar will show you five crucial strategies on which to focus your 2021 annual fundraising plan in order to increase giving, expand your database and build long-term loyalty no matter what the future holds. Topics include:

  • How to establish and grow monthly giving programs
  • Incorporating virtual and livestreaming events
  • Increasing your reach through peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Embracing and leveraging days of giving
  • Strategies to expand your email list and database

Funding Information Network (FIN) Informational Session
October 27, 2PM ET

Join us to learn how the Funding Information Network’s fee based program can help your organization support your local nonprofit and small business economy.

Candid’s national network of partners connects nonprofits to the resources they need to thrive in the zip codes of every major city and many points in between.

The Funding Information Network program is nonprofit outreach “in-a-box,” enabling organizations to become local nonprofit funding experts.

The program packages include access to our world-class database, Foundation Directory Online, product and training certification courses, along with support materials to assist your local nonprofit community. Want to support your nonprofit and small business community as a go-to fundraising resource? Join the network.

Where to Find Potential Donors to Support Your Cause
October 28, 1PM

Join fundraising master trainer, Chad Barger, CFRE, for a workshop focused on finding potential supporters for your nonprofit organization.  Chad will review the best practices in fundraising prospect identification and provide practical tips for how small nonprofits can maximize their network.  Attendees will leave the session with a game plan for identifying their next 50 potential donors.

Developing Your Nonprofit’s Remote Workforce
October 28, 1PM

Since becoming a remote workforce, you may have noticed new challenges arise. Even “normal” tasks like managing projects and communicating with staff look different and even feel uncomfortable at times. And on top of that, your employees may be facing burnout as their work and home life have blended into one. So how do we invest in our employees and make sure they have the skills and resources they need to thrive in this new environment?

In this webinar, we will discuss the unique benefits and challenges of a remote workforce and discuss how we as employers can continue to develop their capabilities. You’ll leave with at least one custom action you can take to begin creating a more effective remote workforce in your organization.

Learning objectives:

  • Reflect on the benefits of developing your remote workforce.
  • Discuss the unique challenges of a remote workforce.
  • Determine one step you can take today to begin developing your remote workforce.

Remaking the Economy: Mutual Aid, 3 City Case Studies
October 28, 3pm EDT

NPQ’s latest webinar in our Remaking the Economy series look at the past, present, and future of mutual aid. In the midst of COVID-19, mutual aid networks have emerged across the country. What is mutual aid? And how does it connect with broader movements for economic democracy and a solidarity economy?

For this webinar, we bring you three mutual aid practitioners from three cities who will speak to these issues in a discussion-style format. Our panelists are:

Danielle Mkali is director of Cooperatives, Transformation, and Healing at Nexus Community Partners in St. Paul, Minn.

Mike Strode serves as a solidarity economy organizer in Chicago, Illinois, for the Kola Nut Collaborative

Dr. Yolande Tomlinson is a radical queer Black feminist Mama, educator, writer and community builder, who serves as co-director of the Organization for Human Rights and Democracy

You can send your questions to editorinchief@npqmag.org to have them answered during the web event.

How to set up and run crowdfunding campaigns like Giving Tuesday or Year End in the context of COVID-19
October 29, 1PM

What are your fundraising plans for the fall season? The two biggest events of the giving season are almost here! Join us to get a practical guide on how to set up and launch any crowdfunding campaign, including recurring ones like Giving Tuesday and Year End, in less than a day at low – or even no – cost.

Crowdfunding is a uniquely accessible way to engage your community and raise money for your cause. We know that Canadians are looking for opportunities to support the charities they care about – and in this webinar, we’ll talk about how to connect with them.

Here is what you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • How to set up a crowdfunding campaign
  • Giving Tuesday and Year End campaigns during COVID-19
  • How to promote your crowdfunding campaign and tap into the fall giving season
  • How crowdfunding technology helps you get better fundraising results

Scary Stories with RoundTable – How TableTop Exercises Can Help Keep the CyberMonster Away
October 29, 1PM ET

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and we’re excited to offer this unique webinar in partnership with our friends at RoundTable Technology.

Cybercrime is something that happens to somebody else… right up until it happens to your organization. This webinar will introduce you to TableTops—an effective way to understand the impact that different types of cyber threats can have on your organization and constituents, and give you clear steps to reduce the likelihood and impact of cybercrime.

During the webinar, you’ll see two different demonstrations of TableTop exercises performed live. In addition, you will learn:

  • What TableTop exercises are, how to conduct them, and why they help
  • How TableTop exercises play an essential role in organizational preparedness for responding to cybersecurity incidents
  • How to use the results of your TableTops to develop and prioritize a cybersecurity plan

Overlooked Benefits of Outsourcing Nonprofit Accounting
October 30, 11:30 AM

Has your organization ever looked at outsourcing all or a portion of its accounting?  If not, it is because you’re not sure how the organization would benefit from this decision.  Since it is not a common practice for nonprofits to outsource its accounting, we will discuss the process and discuss the overlooked benefits of outsourcing your Nonprofit Accounting.

Why your Nonprofit should be using Nonprofit Accounting Software
October 30, 1PM

Your organization like every other nonprofit is feeling the pressure to deliver more transparency. The demand for more timely information is coming from a multitude of interested parties: board members, major donors, potential funders, and watchdog organizations.

The goal of transparency can’t be easily accomplished without sound nonprofit accounting software-financial reporting is the foundation upon which transparency is achieved.

We will review at least seven reasons Nonprofits should consider Nonprofit Accounting Software.

Virtual Post-Election Series
November 4-6

Amid a tumultuous election season, many companies, organizations, and individuals are grappling with what could be one of the most divisive elections in U.S. history. Compounded by the health and societal effects of the novel coronavirus, the upcoming presidential election will have a considerable impact on numerous industries and how they conduct their business.

Please join members of Venable’s Legislative Practice Group for a post-election roundup looking into the first 100 days of the presidency. This interactive, virtual discussion will provide an assessment of how a continuation of the current administration, or a change in administration, will affect federal policy and the landscape of various industries. With our expansive Legislative Group, consisting of former officeholders and regulatory officials, coupled with experienced industry practitioners, Venable is ideally situated to provide unique analysis and perspective on the impact of the election in the days after the polls close.

Make Better Decisions: A Crash-Course in Nonprofits KPIs
November 5, 1PM ET

If working with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) gives you scary flashbacks to grade 10 math class, then this webinar is for you. Join Tasi Gottschlag, Keela’s COO, for a deep dive into the wonderful world of KPIs.

Using data already available in your organization, you’ll learn to pinpoint what to track, how to track it, and how to analyze both trends and correlations required for accurate reporting. You’ll leave with worksheets, a dashboard template, and more importantly, the confidence required to make better decisions and run your organization better than ever before.

How Nonprofits Can Use Crowdfunding to Raise More Money
November 10, 1PM EST

GoFundMe Charity will discuss how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, share their experience in peer-to-peer fundraising, and discuss current fundraising trends in the nonprofit sector. You will learn how to set up a campaign on the GoFundMe Charity platform, the power of social sharing, and see examples of successful crowdfunding campaigns. Additional topics include:

    • How to increase the reach of your crowdfunding campaigns through multi-channel marketing
    • How to increase engagement
    • How to make your donor data actionable

12 Golden Rules of Nonprofit Finance
November 17, 12:00 PM CT

Nonprofit financial health can seem like an elusive, nuanced, and subjective judgment call. In this webinar we will break it all down to 12 Golden Rules of nonprofit finance to keep your organization healthy. From budgeting to operating reserves, if you follow these rules, you’ll be on your way to a better understanding of nonprofit financial health. This session is a great introduction for those who are new to nonprofit finance.

Publication Development Series, Part 1: Producing a Park Newspaper
December 3, 2PM ET

Would you like to create a publication to support your public lands partner? Let the Creative Team from Great Smoky Mountains Association walk you through the process. Learn how to partner with other agencies and team members on brainstorming, planning, and production. Participants in this seminar will learn about the specifics of developing a seasonal park newspaper, but will take away principles, tools, and new skills that can apply to any publication, product, or project.


Frances Figart, Creative Director, Great Smoky Mountains Association
Aaron Searcy, Publications Associate, Great Smoky Mountains Association
Karen Key, Senior Publications Specialist, Great Smoky Mountains Association


  • FREE for PLA Members and Corporate Partners
  • $25 for NonMembers and Government Agency Staff

Nonprofit Boot Camp, Part 1: Intro to Nonprofits
December 15, 2PM ET

Perfect for current and future leaders of both nonprofits and land management agencies, this three-part boot camp will look at best practices for important management and operations functions of nonprofit organizations as well as those practices that fit into building your public lands partnerships.
In this first segment, we’ll look at the best practices for nonprofit organizations in general, as well as the nuts and bolts of cooperating associations and friends groups (including an overview of regulations, resources, etc.). The perfect intro to public lands nonprofits.
Register for the whole series:
Presenter: Charley Money, Independent Consultant
  • FREE for PLA Members, Corporate Partners AND PLA 2021 registrants
  • $25 for NonMembers and Government Agency Staff