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The FBI reported a 69% increase in cybercrime in 2020. And the focus of cybercriminals has shifted to small and medium businesses, including nonprofits because they tend to have fewer resources available to implement safeguards and user training. Your small nonprofit can no longer hide behind a “we’re too small” defense.

Cybersecurity is an important component of the Duty of Care you have as a nonprofit to protect your assets and the information of those who support you. This webinar will update your current understanding of the cyber landscape and walk you through essential steps to begin securing your organization’s digital and electronic assets.

Inventory and planning tools will be included to help you with the process of establishing a plan and improving your organization’s defenses right away.

Presenter: Linda Kilgore, CORFA Board member, NTEN Certified Nonprofit Technology Professional, Retired Senior IT Analyst for the State of Oregon

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