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Webinar Description

Did you know that it takes more than 18 months for the annual NWRS budget to become a reality? This ranges from the development of the President’s budget request to the ultimate passing of a bill by Congress and Friends groups can play a role. Eric Alvarez the National Wildlife Refuge System’s Chief, Division of Realty, Budget, Performance, and Workforce discussed the federal budget process. Eric presented:

  • Formulation of the budget
  • Presentation of the budget
  • Execution & Performance
  • Tips for Friends

The federal budget process signals our nation’s priorities. The discussion was an opportunity to learn how the priorities are established for the National Wildlife Refuge System and how Friends can provide their input.

Webinar Recording (11-16-22)


USFWS budget process

A huge thank you to our very knowledgeable presenter Eric Alvarez Chief of Realty, Budget, Performance, and Workforce

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