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Webinar Description

Do you and your Board wonder about what kinds of insurance you need and how to assess your risks? Want to know what the Friends Partnership Agreement means by “Indemnifying the Department of Interior”? Some of the most frequently asked questions to NWRA and CORFA are about Friends insurance needs. If you have questions or just want another opinion on your group’s insurance needs, then this webinar is for you. This will not be an insurance sales pitch but will provide information you can use with your own insurer.

We thank our presenter Matt Lokan (Insurance Agent, Consultant, CIC & Agency Partner), who has 17 years of experience working with nonprofits, including Friends groups, to help them identify just what their insurance needs might be. 

Webinar Recording (4-13-22)

Webinar Recording

Workshop Packet


  • Insurance Portfolio Subjectivities, pages 1-5
  • Hold Harmless Agreement, pages 6-7
  • Participant Waiver, page 8
  • Participant Waiver & Release for Minor, page 9
  • Optional Coverage Enhancement, page 10

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