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July 29th will mark the start of Congress’ summer recess. Lawmakers will travel from Washington D.C. to their local districts as Congress begins a five-week recess. Traditionally, this recess marks an excellent time to engage with political representatives in their home offices and within their districts.

The Congressional summer recess is a perfect opportunity for Friends to invite your member of Congress to your refuge or schedule district office meetings to educate them about the issues facing your local refuge as well as actions they can take to help hurdle those challenges. Good laws and adequate funding are essential for the Refuge System to thrive, and Friends organizations are the most qualified to communicate these issues to congress.

To assist you in your advocacy efforts we’ve created a 2023 Recess Action Kit that will give you the tools you need to effectively communicate the challenges and resources that are needed for the refuge within their District to thrive. The kit includes the following:

Congress values your input and relies on constituent groups like yours to provide feedback on how they can be most helpful to the refuges within their District. Your group’s collective voice is one of the most powerful tool available to enhance the National Wildlife Refuge System. Don’t be afraid to use it!

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