Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

Double rainbow over field of grain

Don’t you love a good story that engages your senses and makes you want to take action?

We’re wired for stories. From the very beginning, as individuals and as a species, we immerse ourselves in stories from the arrival of our children to reminiscing about family members who have passed.

The stories we tell about our organizations let folks know why we exist and the impact we’re having on those we serve. The stories we tell about the work being done on our refuges and hatcheries should motivate folks to care about and support these sites.

This webinar addressed:

  • Why storytelling is effective
  • Essential building blocks of a story
  • Types of stories needed
  • Finding and sharing your stories
  • Outcomes and measures

Here are the materials from the webinar:

We want to thank the presenters which were you, the Coalition of Refuge Friends, and Advocates/National Wildlife Refuge Association team