Last month, Mark Lindvall shared this amazing video when he was at Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge during their bison roundup. Thank you, Mark!

Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge is located in north central Nebraska and encompasses also 20,000 acres. The Refuge was once a frontier military fort and was established in 1912 as a “preserve and breeding ground for native birds”. Later, the Refuge’s purpose was expanded to include the conservation of bison and elk herds, like those that once roamed the Great Plains.

At Fort Niobrara NWR you will see a unique blend of topography, soils, and rock formations. The Niobrara River flows across the Refuge for 9 miles, cutting deep canyons into the limestone rocks along the river.

You can drive the 3 ½ mile auto tour route near the Visitor Center to see bison, prairie dogs, elk, many different birds and historical points of interest. There is a scenic overlook just off the highway that runs by the Refuge. Also, a nature trail descends stairs down to the base of Fort Falls and continues to the Niobrara River.

Definitely put Fort Niobrara on your list of Refuges to visit!