landscape with yellow foliageLast month, the Department of the Interior’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued their report on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Friends Program. The report details changes that the OIG believes need to be made to the Friends program. The Director of the Service, Aurelia Skipwith, concurred with the recommendations and the Service started implementing corrective actions before the report was made public.

The Coalition of Refuge Friends and Advocates (CORFA) and the National Wildlife Refuge Association (NWRA) want to thank all the refuge and hatchery Friends groups that provide us with comments on the report and the Service’s response. We have taken those comments and put together the in this letter to be sent to Director Skipwith.

We hope every refuge and hatchery Friends group (not individual Friends) will sign on to the letter to let the Service know that the Friends community wants to work with them to strengthen the Friends program. One of our objectives is to express our concerns with some of the OIG recommendations and the Service’s corrective actions. Our primary goal is to work with the Service, Friends, NWRA, CORFA and the Public Lands Alliance (PLA) to implement changes that will strengthen the partnership.

Please follow this link to the letter and then the sign on form. The deadline for sign-ons will be 5pm eastern Friday, October 30th. If you have questions contact us at